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Solistica SA de CV (“Solistica”), located at 601 General Anaya Poniente Avenue, Bella Vista in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, México, ZIP Code 64410 and owner of the internet website, is responsible for handling and protecting your personal data. To this end, we inform you of the following:

What will we use your personal data for?

Personal data collected from you will be mainly used for the following purposes (i) identification purposes (ii) electronic notifications subscription.

Your personal data will never be disclosed or shared with third parties (there will be no commercial data transference), nor will it be used for purposes other than those mentioned in the previous paragraph without prior change to these policies. Nevertheless, Solistica can hire external third parties as specific service suppliers to handle the Processing. Therefore, we may transfer data to the aforementioned third parties without intention of profit, and only to meet the service hired (Process deliverance). In a similar fashion, Solistica may, with no commercial intent, share or transfer your personal data to subsidiary companies or branches for the same goals set in the previous paragraph. Under no circumstances will Solistica trade, sell, or lease your personal data to a third party without you prior consent.

What personal data will we use for these goals?

To conduct the ends described in this privacy policy, we will use the following personal information:

  • Id information
  • Contact information
  • Career information
  • Academic information
  • Migration status information

On our website, we inform you that no sensitive information is recorded.

How can I accept, verify, or cancel my persona data, or opt-out?

You have the right to know which personal data we have in our possession, what we will use it for, and the conditions under which we use it (Access). It is also your right to request corrections of your personal information in case it is out of date, it is inaccurate, or incomplete (Correction). You may also request deletion from our records or databases if you consider it is not being used properly (Cancelation), and to deny the use of your personal data for specific purposes (Denial). These rights are known as ARCO.

To exercise any of your ARCO rights, you will need to present the corresponding form through the following channels:

Customer service number: Contact through the email address:

To access the procedure and requirements to exercise your ARCO rights, go to:

Official, through the email:

The contact information of the person or personal data department in charge of attending the ARCO rights requests is the following:

a) Name of the person or personal data department: Contact: Solistica

b) Address: 601 General Anaya Poniente Ave. Bellavista, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, México ZIP code 64410

c) Email:

You may revoke your consent on the use of your personal data

You may revoke your previously given consent which allowed us to handle your personal data. Nevertheless, it is important you bear in mind that, in specific cases, your request may not be processed, or data usage may not be suspended immediately. It is possible that some legal duties may demand that we continue handling your personal data. Similarly, you will have to consider that for some purposes, terminating your consent will imply we will no longer be able to deliver the service you requested or the termination of your relationship with us.

To terminate your consent, you must file a request through the following channel:


To access the procedure and requirements to terminate your consent, please use the following channel:


How can you limit the use or sharing of your personal information?

In order for you to restrict the use and sharing of your personal information, please use the following channel:

Through email:

Use of tracking technologies on our website

We inform you that our website uses cookies, web beacons, and other technologies through which we monitor your behavior as an internet user in order to provide you with better browsing service and experience on our website.

The personal data collected through these technologies will be used for the following purposes:

Creation of databases and learning user trends.

The personal data we collect through these tracking technologies are the following:

  • Ids, user name, password
  • Language set by user
  • User’s geographical region
  • User’s browser
  • User’s OS
  • Date and time sessions start and finish
  • User search requests
  • Advertisements checked by the user


We also inform you that your personal information will be shared with the following external persons, companies, organizations, or authorities for the following purposes:


External personal data user Purpose
Various internal and external company divisions Creation of User Data Bases
Human Resources Candidate Recruitment and Hiring Process


How will I be informed of changes in the privacy policies?

The current privacy policy can be modified, changed or updated due to new legal requirements, our own needs due to the products and services we offer, our privacy practices, changes in our business model, or other causes.

We are committed to keeping you informed about the changes the current privacy policy may suffer by: Notifying you when accessing the company’s website; The procedure through which notifications of changes or updates to the current privacy policy will be conducted are the following: You will be notified through the website;


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For any complaints and / or suggestions please contact us through the MAC System.

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