Consumer Goods

Experience, ability to innovate, and efficiency open a spectrum of possibilities for the consumer goods industry.

Consumer Goods

The experience we have accrued handling consumer goods over the last 20 years allows us to offer solutions that meet the demands of this industry.

In Solistica we provide a technological follow-up, which allows us to have an important interaction with our clients through an interface that, among other features, offers visibility and control of orders and inventories, tracking of products, and better coordination in the manufacturing processes.

Our experience in the consumer goods industry comes mainly in the form of controlling lots, managing FIFO (first expired, first out), and special shelf life. Our increased capacities for managing large volumes, FTL and LTL transportation, supplying different store formats, warehousing, and value-added services, make us experts in this sector.

These are some of the benefits we offer:

  • Smart assignation of goods.
  • Optimal use of assets and stock replenishing.
  • Real-time visibility of cargo.
  • Increased flexibility and response capability.
  • Synchronization of the inventory process with real-time visibility.
  • Customized projects.
  • Reverse logistics.
  • Management of incidents and schedules.
  • Delivery management system over the web, mobile devices, and EDI.
  • B2B distribution with large wholesale networks, shopping centers, and retailers.

Success Story

At Solistica, we are ready to become a strategic partner for solving the logistics challenges of our clients in the consumer goods industry. For example, 3M is one of the most relevant multinational companies in the consumer goods and retail sectors. Learn more about this here.