Our purpose

We deliver well-being to people through reliable logistics solutions

Present at every moment

At Solistica, we are driven by the impulse to generate value and impact in our environment. This is the reason that inspires us to do things better.

We work every day to foster lasting relationships based on efficiency and trust. We accompany our clients so that they can offer products and services that impact people’s quality of life.

We act with passion to win together, we commit to giving our best, collaborating as a single team, in our operations and on the roads where we bring well-being to people who have trusted in our capabilities for years.

Our purpose is clear:

Deliver well-being to people through reliable logistical solutions.

We accompany your days

We bring well-being and accumulate hundreds of smiles that motivate us to take care of the details to reach further and further. Our work contributes to making your operations more efficient, reliable and successful, always with a view to being that partner who supports you to grow and set new goals.

Every day we start a new story with a world of activities, processes, people and resources that work together to ensure that food, medicine and other products reach their destination.

we are part of…

We deliver well-being to people through reliable logistics solutions

Thus our employees live the purpose

Delivering well-being translates into values, behaviors, and development goals that drive us to grow, innovate, and stand out in the logistics sector.

Our commitment is to operate with quality and professionalism because we work as a single team hand in hand with our clients. In this sense, our more than 22,000 employees contribute with their dedication and experience to face each of the challenges of different industries.

“Las labores con positivismo salen mejor”
Yecid Ramírez, Auxiliar de maquila

“Ser muy alegre te abre muchas puertas”
Lizbett Castro, Supervisor de operaciones (DP)

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