Warehousing Services

We make warehouse operations more efficient in three fronts:

800,000 m²

Square meters total Warehouse Operations in Latin America


Cross docking terminals


Clients in Latin America


We develop value-added services to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.
Our consumer-centered model makes it possible for the warehouse services we offer to include the
productivity, quality, and continuous improvement that let clients focus on the most important
aspect of their businesses: selling
  • Coverage
  • Dedicated or multi-client facilities
  • In-House operations at clients’ warehouses
  • Dry and multi-temperature warehouses
  • Bonded warehouse
  • Handling of high-priced and special-requirements goods
  • Warehouse Management Systems [WMS]
  • Control and Optimization of Inventories
  • Flexibility in schedules and operation
  • IT Connectivity
  • Compliance with legal regulations

Supplementary services

Added-Value services

Such as packaging, labeling, outsourced manufacturing, kitting, picking, and palletizing, are some of the services we offer that add value to the supply chain.

LTL Distribution

Is where we consolidate orders, paying attention to the specific requirements of each load so we can carry out efficient deliveries. It makes the supply chain more efficient and considerably lowers the time and cost of moving the products in the warehouse.

+79 Cross Dock

Make the supply chain more efficient and considerably lower the cost and time it takes to move products in a warehouse.