We operate integrated solutions with absolute safety for high-value products such as technology and telecommunication devices.


Solistica’s accumulated experience in the technology sector helps us become an ally for this industry. We have the equipment, technology, safety protocols, and the ability to adapt to address the specific requirements of each customer.

Usually, hi-tech companies are under pressure to manage their costs with efficiency, minimize time to market as much as possible, optimize the logistics processes, and guarantee the return on investment, particularly when they have made large investments in infrastructure, development, and research projects.

At Solistica, we are aware of these challenges and we make the best use of our FTL and LTL transportation and our technology to manage risks and to efficiently handle valuable goods such as this industry’s.

These are some of the benefits we offer:

  • Risk management for high value-added cargo.
  • Online visibility in real time.
  • Connectivity with IT systems.
  • Internal and external monitoring and tracking.
  • Increased flexibility and response capability.
  • Robust insurance policies.
  • Delivery management system over the web, mobile devices, and EDI.
  • Control of serial numbers.
  • Distribution with large wholesale networks, shopping centers, and retailers.

Success Story

HP chose us to operate the excess inventory in their Brazil’s warehouse as well as its associated transportation in Mexico; we met their fulfillment indicators 100% for inventory accuracy, on-time cargo, operational profiles, collection of pallets, and best warehousing practices. Learn more about this here.