Service integration and the highest KPI standards at the service of this whole sector.


With 15+ years of experience working with this sector’s leading companies, Solistica understands the challenges of the retail sector and has the ability to address our clients’ exact needs and demands.

We are the perfect partner for retail companies, helping them react to the change of habits of consumers and helping them achieve continuous supply for specialized departments and lines, so they can control inventories better.

Solistica understands these needs and offers end-to-end and specific solutions for three retail segments – self-service, specialty, and department stores – looking to improve the control of lots and the handling of large-volume, high-rotation, and seasonal products, as well as last mile services, cross docking, safety, reverse logistics, cold chain, and outsourced manufacturing processes.

These are some of the benefits we offer:

  • Visibility of cargo in real time.
  • Optimization of warehouse and shelf space.
  • Placement of products in more strategic locations.
  • Customized projects.
  • Delivery management system over the web, mobile devices, and EDI.
  • Management of incidents and schedules.
  • KPI for operational performance.
  • B2B distribution with large wholesale networks, shopping centers, and retailers.

Success Story

For over 15 years, Solistica has offered the logistics support necessary for the exponential growth of OXXO, Mexico’s largest convenience stores chain. Learn more about this here.