The automotive industry is known for having different requirements for every operational part of a vehicle; therefore, it is essential to optimize times and costs to improve the productivity at the assembly lines, according to the restrictions.

We must accurately control every lot, serial number, extraction time, and delivery to plant to keep the manufacturing process free of interruptions.

Solistica understands what the supply chain means for this industry and we offer transportation, warehousing, and value-added solutions, to make companies more competitive. We implement continuous improvement processes, redesign logistics flows, and optimize routes to increase efficiency and profitability.

These are some of the benefits we offer:

  • Collaboration and visibility in the supply chain to lower risks.
  • Balance between capacities, restrictions, and commitments.
  • Customization of projects.
  • Redesign of the logistics flow.
  • Management of people via productivity analysis.
  • Delivery management system over the web, mobile devices, and EDI.

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