Logistics and distribution: We live the sustainability strategy of FEMSA

What is our objective and focus on sustainability?

We promote sustainable and empathetic operations with the environment, focused on:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Health, Safety and Well-being
  • Talent Development
  • Human and Labor Rights
  • Service Quality
  • Safety in the Environment
  • Information Protection
  • Local Community Development
  • Sustainable Procurement
  • Sustainable Energy and Mobility
  • CO2 Emissions
  • Climate Change
  • Circular Economy

Our People

Talent, culture, well-being and decent work they are the motivation and development of Our Team.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • 21% of our talent is female.
  • We have collaborators from Vulnerable Groups: 271 people are older adults; 157 collaborators with disabilities; and 4 are people in a refugee situation (migrants).
  • We granted 573 of our collaborators their respective paternity and maternity leave as a benefit.

Comprehensive Health, Safety and Well-being

  • We maintained our ZEIF cultural transformation program.
  • +15,170 safety walks were carried out.
  • +35,000 Primary medical care consultations.
  • Application of 8,200 DASS-21 surveys (Depression, anxiety and stress).

Talent Development

  • Training was provided to our collaborators through 375,369 hours of training on topics such as: Human rights; Health and safety; Leadership Culture; Technical knowledge, among others.

Human and Labor Rights

  • Internal tool to evaluate decent working conditions.



of our talent is female

people are senior citizen

collaborators with disabilities

are people in a refugee situation (migrants)

Our Community

We contribute to the positive transformation of the communities in which we operate

Bicycleschool for 147 cargo transport operators

  • Solistica is the first company to carry out this training in its own facilities (Valle de Mexico Distribution Operating Unit).

We promote safety efforts in the environment

  • Maio amarelo campaign in Brazil.
  • 11 internal and external campaigns in Colombia and Panama to promote road safety, directly impacting +2,710 people.

Sustainable sourcing

  • Supplier Guiding Principles and Code of Ethics were included as clauses in purchase orders. By delivering the product, the supplier agrees to have read and understood our principles. + 790 suppliers received +6,300 purchase orders.

cargo transport operators in Bike School

campaigns to promote road safety

people impacted by our campaigns

purchase orders for sustainable products


Our Planet

We have a legacy of business philosophy for the care of the planet and action for Sustainability

  • 93% of our waste was sent to: recycling; composting; incineration (with and without energy generation).
  • In Mexico, 2% of energy is from renewable sources, as we have 3 work centers connected to Wind Farms.
  • 16% is Natural Gas Vehicle and/or Biodiesel, so its impact on CO2 emissions is lower.

We maintain our efforts to reduce our carbon emissions

  • Fuel management: improved efficiency in fuel use in vehicles from our own fleet.
  • Eco-efficient driving: training; monitoring and tracking goals; and continuous feedback to transport operators.
  • Fuel substitution: Use of biodiesel and Vehicular Natural Gas in Colombia.
  • Investment in technology: continuity of cargo bikes; zero and low emission vehicles.


of waste was sent to recycling, composting, incineration


of energy in Mexico is from renewable sources


of fuel is natural gas and biodiesel


Sustainability Recognitions

We seek the positive transformation of our communities


Socially Responsible Company

We obtained the ESR (Socially Responsible Company) distinction for the 16th year, awarded by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy.

Clean Transport

SCT and SEMARNAT gave us the recognition of Clean Transport.

TRe Distinction

The Secretary of Labor in Nuevo León (MEX) awarded us the distinction thanks to advances in: Labor Relations, Human Resources, Occupational Health and Industrial Safety.

District Environmental Excellence Program

Recognition by the environmental secretary of the city of Bogota.

Gold Seal

We have obtained 06 gold seals for good practices in road safety. AA rating to the strategic road safety plan.