About Us

Solistica is one of FEMSA’s companies in its Strategic Businesses Division; it offers comprehensive 3PL logistics solutions, from Latin America to the world.

About Us

Solistica is one of FEMSA’s companies in its Strategic Businesses Division; it offers comprehensive 3PL logistics solutions, from Latin America to the world.

Solistica is a new value proposal for the logistics industry, merging our international operations under a single brand and a shared vocation: connecting people.

We share the same mission

To create social and financial value by creating solutions for our clients’ supply chains.

We work hard on our vision

Becoming the leading comprehensive logistics services company in Latin America, with a strong presence in North America.

Our experience in logistics

We have ample experience in distribution and storage services, backed by the preference of over 2,500 clients in diverse industries such as:

  • Consumer goods
  • Retail
  • Pharma
  • Personal care and cosmetics
  • Manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Textiles and shoes
  • Automotive



square meters of warehouses

trips per year

delivery points per week

dedicated, dry cargo, multi-temperature, refer cargo

We are the union of remarkable success stories

Someone needs something, and we do whatever is necessary to supply it; ensuring it gets there safely, whole, and on time.

This new way of understanding logistics results from the union of great companies; leaders in their regions.


Born in 1998


FEMSA Logística came to life looking to offer comprehensive logistics solutions for FEMSA’s Business Units and the open market. It now operates in 7 Latin American countries.

Looking to secure the total coverage of Mexico and expanding its international reach, FEMSA Logística began to integrate in 2013 the most important logistics companies in Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia.
Its operation is known for its innovative services, backed by a specialized IT platform, offering quality, safety, and a sustainable operation.
In 2017, the first stage of this process ended with the consolidation of all its global operations under a new brand: Solistica.
Mecánica Tek offers a comprehensive solution of preventive, predictive, and corrective vehicle maintenance during the life cycle of fleets.
Mecánica Tek is the largest network of garages in Latin America, offering diverse and flexible formats that adapt to the needs of any fleet configuration, be it multi-model and/or multi-brand, ensuring solutions that offer true value to clients.

Joined in 2013




Operating since 1959, this leading Brazilian company shares its 54-year experience in comprehensive and LTL logistics.

Its understanding of the region and its enormous operational capacity allow it to offer personalized high-quality services that go beyond the market’s performance and deliver the best cost-benefit ratio.
It is known as a logistics leader for high-demand industries that require specialized handling of their products such as the pharma, electronics, and textile industries.

Joined in 2015




Focusing on transport and warehousing services since 1977, this leading participant in Mexico’s market adds its 38-year experience and knowledge to the group.

Zimag offers transport, storage, and value-added solutions through an optimized distribution network that improves service satisfaction, safety, product intervention, and costs in every step.

Joined in 2015




Since 1952, this company has created a solid track in logistics. It joined the group contributing its 63-year experience and a robust land and air coverage. Its 56 subsidiaries service 100% of Brazil’s territory.

Atlas Transportes y Logística, its full name, is a company full of highly-trained professionals who go through constant training to offer differentiated services.

Joined in 2016




Established in 1984, this company specializes in transporting, storing, furbishing, and distributing goods. Today, it contributes to the group its 33 years of prestige in Colombia’s market.

Open Market operates under a principle that permeates to every area of its operation: excellence. Under this principle, it offers a tailor-made comprehensive logistics services system that focuses on results and on establishing a sustainable win-win relationship; it connects Brazil’s full territory.

Born in 2017

Following a strong vision of becoming a Latin American brand with solid global reach, this subsidiary of FEMSA merges the capacities, values, and talent of all our operations under one proposal:
Being the leading supplier of logistics solutions in Latin America

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Our Reach, Solistica
Today, we share the capacities of our operations in 8 countries and the skills of our 21,000+ employees, who share the same mission, vision, and conviction: there are no limits..