Transportation Management

Transportation Management


Solistica sees transportation as a key component of the supply chain due to the great number of essential processes deriving from it – such as transfer, supply, distribution, and reverse logistics — and to the competitive factors it impacts — such as logistics costs and customer service. Therefore, we offer these services:


We offer cargo strategies that increase productivity, lower costs, and expedite shipping taking origin, destination, availability, goods characteristics, budget, urgency, and special requirements into account.

We offer cargo strategies that increase productivity, lower costs, and expedite shipping, taking factors like origin, destination, type of distribution channel, availability, products’ characteristics (size, shape, weight, fragility), budget, delivery urgency, and special requirements into account. We offer two modalities:

  • Full truck load (FTL): our vehicles move loads from a single company, ranging from 10 to 24 pallets (from 4.5 to 20 tons); or else, fragile, high-risk, or products in need of urgent delivery.
  • Less than truck load (LTL): we make the best use of our vehicles’ space putting together loads from several companies, ranging from 45 kilograms to 5.5 tons, from 1 to 6 pallets.

Solistica helps companies find out which is the best option for every scenario. Through our advanced transportation management systems, we find the best way to effectively manage loads, either FTL or LTL.

International Logistics

We help solve the challenges involved in the global transportation of goods by working with our Network of strategic partners who are leaders in their own segments

Cross-Border services are designed to facilitate the exchange of goods between countries. We can add warehousing and distribution services to Cross-Border to help coordinate the cross-docking, transfer, and customs procedures.

Risk management

We specialize in detecting and preventing risks and threats and improving the protection and handling of merchandise through safety systems throughout the supply chain, including transportation.

Theft and product damage deriving from mishandling or accidents during transportation represent more than financial losses for companies, they also cause delays in their operations.

Solistica specializes in implementing measures to detect and prevent risks and threats; improving the protection and manipulation of goods, using safety systems throughout the supply chain, including transportation, through different tools:

  • Labels with bar codes and scanners to record the goods entering and leaving the warehouse so we can monitor them in route and verify delivery in real time.
  • Safety systems that make it easier to record and control merchandise, guaranteeing the invulnerability of loading, warehousing, and transportation facilities.
  • Monitoring alerts in platform by exception and alerts from the surroundings to detect threats and protocols.
  • Navigation and location technology (GPS) to maintain contact and control over the shipments and to offer tracking to clients, plan better routes, supervise driving, locate drivers, detect traffic, and respond quickly.

Our Intel Center has the most advanced technology to guarantee the safety of products at the warehouse and during transportation.

Planning of efficient routes

We help companies schedule and carry out routing in an agile and speedy way; we also help them use their resources more efficiently and lower the wear of their vehicles thanks to our transportation management systems.

Having efficient routes is essential for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. Success depends on a good planning that guarantees the highest number of deliveries in the shortest possible time.

Solistica helps companies schedule and carry out routing in an agile and speedy way, optimizing resources and lowering the wear of vehicles.

Thanks to our transportation management systems, we manage fuel costs better, we save time, and we help preserve the environment.

We apply technological tools such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, and Telematic Systems to increase productivity and to create positive experiences that help us liaise with the different government levels.

Our offer is comprehensive and includes backhauling to avoid having vehicles returning empty and thus, save on fuel, resources, and time while helping the environment.

As pioneers in using technology on logistics processes in Latin America, we apply science to our services.

Technology Applied to Transportation

Transportation is such a complex process optimized through technological tools that make pick up, warehousing, processing, distribution, and shipping more efficient.

Solistica’s Transportation Management System (TMS) helps define the best type of transportation according to parameters such as costs, time, stops, and order grouping. Furthermore, it provides visibility on historical records and creates alerts for delays, accidents, and unforeseen stops as well as reports for performance indicators and delivery proof like digitized bills.

This system lets us offer clients the following benefits:

  • Lower transportation costs thanks to better planning and automation of exceptions
  • Higher levels of service, which translates into higher sales
  • Increased control of operations by optimizing the management of transportation
  • Better cargo consolidation, which leads to a level we cannot reach via manual analyses
  • Efficiency of processes that eliminates errors caused by manual processes and lowers costs
  • Monitoring freight suppliers, which lets us negotiate rates and improve service

The future of transportation is marked by data gathering and data analysis, automated and electrical systems, robotization, and automation of processes, and the collaboration of the sector’s companies. Solistica is getting ready to meet all these requirements.