Cold chain

Each link ensures that the products will reach a lifespan that allows their proper commercialization.

Having a reliable cold chain is essential

for the transportation and distribution of some products,
particularly perishables, medicines, and vaccines. For that, special equipment and material is required throughout the entire supply chain.

In addition, for an adequate control of the conditions of biological products in particular, it is required to record the temperatures they have been subjected to, and consider their thermostability to learn where to place them. Likewise, their expiration date must be considered in the warehouse, so to prioritize the shipping of the batches with the nearest date.

More capacity


The equipment used for temperature preservation depends on the warehousing volume, which may be:

Refrigeration and freezing chambers

Designed to warehouse large volumes and maintain a +/- 3ºC temperature variation. They may or may not have a pre-chamber, that is, an area for conducting records on control, receipt, and distribution.

They require safety strategies, such as visual and audible alarms that indicate when the temperature is at the limit, or if there are any failures; double refrigeration systems (refrigeration, condenser, evaporator, compressor, or diffuser) that work alternately if the first one breaks down, as well as regulation and emergency power systems that suppress voltage variations and guarantee operation for at least 12 hours, among others.

Refrigerators and freezers

They are used to warehouse medium volumes of vaccines at a jurisdiction or medical unit level. When they handle warehouse temperatures between 2ºC and 10ºC, they are called refrigerators; when they handle temperatures below 0ºC, freezers. And there are hybrid units that have both sections.

There are several types of these: by compression, when permanent power energy is available; photovoltaic or solar energy, for regions of difficult access and with no energy resources; by absorption, of liquid (kerosene) or gaseous (propane, butane, etc.) fuels; with ice walls, with cold tubes or packs with water around the cabinet walls, and insulated boxes or refrigerated thermoses, with polystyrene or polyurethane insulating walls, for small volumes.

All of them should include graphic devices that present the date and time of the temperature record, emergency contact list and some space for observations once a cold chain can only be guaranteed by continuously recording and monitoring the warehouse temperature.

This is achieved using thermographs, which are controllers that allow the temperature to be continuously recorded, and data loggers, devices that monitor the temperature of vaccines during their transportation, read several types of electrical signals, and record data in an internal memory for later downloading to a terminal, allowing data to be exported to spreadsheets and graphed.

The cold chain we offer at Solistica

At Solistica we are specialists in cold chain, so we offer all these equipment and temperature monitoring and traceability systems, which guarantee the preservation of products at the temperatures indicated by the manufacturer.

In addition, we have MegaFreeze, a large new logistics center, integrated for the cold chain, which provides warehousing, packaging, and transportation in the same place, so that customers can control their products better, while streamlining the flow of their operations, always maintaining the necessary temperature and humidity conditions for each case.

Located in Bogotá, Colombia, it is one of the largest cold rooms in South America, with a capacity of more than 10,500 m3 dedicated to the refrigeration of pharmaceutical and hospital products. We also have cold chains capabilities in Brazil, thus offering the best response time for critical emergencies in major cities (less than 2 hours).

Altogether, our extended distribution centers reduce response times nationwide.

Finally, at Solistica we comply with all warehousing, packaging, transportation, and validation standards in the handling of pharmaceutical products.

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