SIG Policy

Solistica has a commitment to providing comprehensive logistics services with an intense focus on safety, quality, and mitigating our environmental impact. Our Comprehensive Management System (SIG, for its acronym in Spanish) helps us make sure we meet any applicable requirements. Solistica aims for an impeccable execution and a continuous improvement that helps develop competitive advantages for the interested parties that turn out in long-term relationships.

LOG-PL-DG-001 Rev00

CEO’s Office

SIG Goals


  • Lead the logistics industry in terms of accident rate.
  • Generate competitive advantages for our clients.
  • Meet the safety regulations.

LOG-OT-DG-003 REV.00


  • Improve our customer service evaluation.
  • Produce savings for our clients.
  • Create growing financial profit for Solistica.

LOG-OT-DG-002 REV.01


  • Decrease our production of dangerous waste.
  • Optimize our use of water and electric power.
  • Decrease our emission of CO2.

LOG-OT-DG-004 REV.01