Solistica, KOF, and Ingenio CADASA join forces to lower CO2 emissions

Feb 24, 2020 | Institucional

Because of its commitment with the environment, Coca-Cola FEMSA Panama, together with Solistica and Ingenio CADASA, created a project that focuses on lowering the trips carrying this raw material by making the best use of the assigned vehicles and making sure the cargoes are delivered under the best conditions and meeting the high quality requirements.

This partnership came to be after Coca-Cola FEMSA opted to reduce the number of trips made to the Distribution Center in David, in the province of Chiriquí. Thus, making an effort to move the products ready for consumers and coming back with raw materials in the same trip. This resulted in an optimization of trips and in using the empty space that occurred in past return trips. Currently, this project is avoiding the emission of 330.1 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, the equivalent of 122,284 vehicles not circulating per day.

According to Jairo Pérez Albarracín, Logistics Manager of Coca-Cola FEMSA Central America: “this is a great opportunity to continue finding ways to improve our processes. We aim to boost the reduction of our trips’ carbon footprint and lower the number of vehicles used in the transportation of our products and raw materials.”

“Solistica uses the highest standards in its operations to achieve the growth of our company while having a positive impact on the environment. An example of this is our joining forces and success story in Panama with Coca-Cola FEMSA and its supplier, Ingenio CADASA. We are proud to keep creating projects that, overall, always aim to benefit the environment,” said Filiberto González, Solistica’s Manager of Operations.

This project has also contributed to the achievement of positive goals, which translate to the optimization of the loading process, lowering by 30% the number of vehicles needed in the operation by eliminating down time.