Work at Solistica

Solistica is where passion for logistics, commitment, and talent coincide.


Work at Solistica

Solistica is where passion for logistics, commitment, and talent coincide.

As Latin Americans, we have the advantage of fully understanding the challenges and subtleties arising from operating in our countries, and we also know how to offer comprehensive solutions that benefit the final user

Our experience in delivering quality services is possible only because of the commitment shown by our employees, who find in Solistica an opportunity to grow in a FEMSA company.

Solistica offers a space where you can build your career thanks to a top-class growth plan and work benefits. Even more important, it is a place where you can contribute value to the world and join a team in a dynamic work atmosphere with great vision.

What do I find at Solistica?


Solistica is the new brand covering our operations in Latin America. Thanks to FEMSA’s backing, and the legacy of the great companies that make Solistica up, the company offers employees the chance to build their careers in a world-class corporation with international operations.


Being a subsidiary of FEMSA, Solistica follows the same values, behavior, and development goals that guide the whole group. Furthermore, we integrate the best practices of all the companies under this new brand, generating a standardized culture that allow us to keep fulfilling our sustainable expansion strategy.


We are aware that our 21,000+ employees are our most valuable resource. Through FEMSA University and our Seal Courses, we give employees the necessary tools and training to boost their development.


Besides the benefits employees of Solistica find in the company, and its culture and development programs, we promote a compensation and benefits strategy that fosters the professional growth and life balance of our employees.

Solistica from Within

Looking to secure a position as a comprehensive logistics operator, and convinced that we are our clients’ best option for services, we have designed a cultural model that takes into account the priorities of the business, getting inspiration from the way you are, from what we share as a community, from our experiences and habits, and from the way we overcome every challenge. That which sets us apart as people and as a team, sharing and strengthening a unique corporate philosophy.